Owner & Operator - Antoine Smith​​
Originally from Los Angeles, I moved to Chandler two and a half years ago and was given the opportunity to cook professionally; something I have always enjoyed doing for family and friends. I had never considered making a living doing it. 
My son Antoine and daughter Karson are my inspirations. They motivate me to work hard and take leaps of faith. My new-found passion for cooking and the incredible response I received from customers resulted in taking another leap of faith and opening a restaurant of my own.

I named the restaurant after my daughter Karson because she is my biggest fan. Karson has always loved when I cook her chicken and cornbread. Customers from all over the world have shared their appreciation for the high-quality and delicious food I serve. I hope that the love that I have for my kids and for my customers shines through in every bite you enjoy.

I welcome you and look forward to serving you and your family a delightful meal.

  - Antoine Smith​​